Warehouse Service


Warehouse services

Our warehouses are designed to meet the high customer requirements

Our warehouses are designed to fulfill the high requirements which you as a customer set for storage and handling of your products. We offer warehousing solutions to our customers in many different lines of business ranging from electronics to foodstuffs to raw materials. Dedicated employees, documented processes, advanced IT systems, and attention to quality enable us to offer you flexible solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

We offer short-term and long-term storage to customers in different lines of businesses, e.g. healthcare, electronics, and food industry.

Our warehouses are designed to meet the high customer requirements and can handle a wide variety of products from consumer goods to capital goods e.g. pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods and products within the oil & gas industry. Our warehousing solutions include documented processes, advanced IT systems and dedicated employees.

Logistics gates provides the following warehousing services:

  1. Dry warehouse / Temperature controlled warehouse;
  2. Record keeping of goods by modern warehouse system;
  3. Packing, sorting, marking, labeling of goods, palletizing of shipment;
  4. Mechanized and manual loading and weighing;
  5. Collection of orders, preparation of invoices and other documents;
  6. Monitoring of product quality and documentation;

We do our best to offer the best solution in terms of price and quality since each client has different and individual needs.